About Institute


State enterprise «Ukrainian Scientific, Research and Design Institute for Civil construction» (SE „UKRNDPICIVILBUD”) is one of the biggest scientific and design institutes in system of Ministry of regional development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine. In this institute works more than 200 specialists – architects, urban planners (among their 20 with Certificates of qualification), land developers, geodesists, map designers, economists, ecologists, accouters, engineers for water supply and water canalization, heat-, gaze-, electricity and telecommunication supply, and also 4 certified experts for urban planning documentation.

Institute was established in 1945 for rebuilding of rural territories, that was destroyed in time of Second World War. So it received before 2012 the name «Ukrainian scientific and research and design institute for civil village construction (SE „UkrNDPIcivilsilbud”). In our archive we served urban planning works (regional plans, master plans of cities and villages, detailed plans etc), that was elaborated during 70 years.

From 2012 р. after the active participation of our specialists in preparing of projects of Ukrainian lows, Government resolutions, state construction norms for all types of urban planning documentation and urban planning cadastre, and also elaboration of design projects of semi-apartment houses, building for social and engineering infrastructure etc, the institute receive the name State enterprise “Ukrainian scientific and research and design institute for civil construction”. Today the institute elaborates urban planning documentation of all levels (the planning schemes of regions, of districts, master planes of cities and villages, zoning planes, detailed planes of territories, including the chapter «Engineering and technical propositions of civil protection (civil defense)», projects of occupation of pre-house territories, urban planning monitoring for changes in documentation, land measuring works, land evaluation works, geological investment works, design documentation («Technical and economical calculation», «Conceptual design», «Project», «Workshop documentation», «Workshop project») for construction and renovation (housing complex, semi-apartment and single family housing, shopping and recreational centers, business centers with office and hotel and office-exhibition complexes, hotels, office building, rehabilitation and resort complexes, medical building, building for culture (clubs, centers of recreation, library), churches and sacral complexes, educational enterprises (university, school, seminary), stadium, sport complexes, fire stations, logistical centers, salons for automobile sails, petrol stations, plants and factories, building for agricultural complex, grain terminals, greenhouse plants, engineering structures (heating energy stations) and nets, thermo-modernization of building, execution technical drawings of building (flats, single family and semi-apartment houses, engineering nets), elaboration of standards and project specifications for new building products, makes the expertise of design and urban planning documentation.

The specialty of institute is semi-profile and complexity of works – it is Head organization in system of Ministry of regional development in scientific and design works in sphere of civil building and also in promotion of new technologies of CAD-design.

Institute was certificated by the attestation as scientific enterprise – category of accreditation “A” (enterprise, which affects the state scientific and technical policy).

Institute it the base organization of Ministry of regional development in such direction of scientific and technical activity:

  • methodology of rural urban planning on regional and local levels;
  • expertise of urban planning documentation;
  • methodical support in urban planning monitoring and participation in urban planning cadastre, elaboration of geoinformation technologies in urban planning design;
  • scientific researches in construction for low storied building;
  • elaboration of houses and public building;
  • elaboration and promotion of energy efficient technologies
  • activity and works in providing of new standards and project specifications;
  • execution of expert resolutions for project solutions in civil building.

This activity is very important for the realization of Government programs for the support of affordable building «The Personal House”, “Affordable building”, Complex state program for energy saving, international programs “European instrument for the development of democracy and people rights”, “The support for connected territorial Communities in Khmelnitsky region”.

On the institute base was established the technical Committee (TC) 313 for the standardization “Dwelling Building”. The institute is a member of TC 314 “The planning of the territories and the cities” (sub committee “The rural planning”).

Institute develop the harmonized with European Union norms normative documents – The state building norms, The state standards of Ukraine, Technical specifications, Recommendations in design, Guidelines for design and construction (4 Guidelines for the certification of architects).

Institute develop its scientific schools, 7 specialists have scientific degrees. They are the Members of Scientific Board of Ministry of regional development or its sections, take part in the certification of architects and engineers. Several young specialists’ studies in post graduate courses and work for the dissertations. On the base of institute was organized the practice for the students of several higher schools – Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture, National Aviation University, National Transport University, Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko. The scientific workers of institute take part in consultancies and management of dissertations and graduation projects of students. The mains customers of our works are the Organs of State power in Central Government and in local executive structures, enterprises, companies and private persons. Today institute works under about 200 contracts with State and Local organs of executive agencies, organs of local self management, with companies and private persons.